Free-standing luminaire DW-6009 UGR<17 80W 840 dim

Free-standing luminaire DW-6009 UGR≤17 dimmable
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EAN: 4044538068435
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The classic design, rounded corners and intelligent control functions (presence detector and daylight sensor) provide an exquisite appearance with a rich structure.

With a glare limitation rating of UGR≤17 and a luminance of <3000cd/m2 at y ≥65° as stated in EN-12464, the LED Stand-Alone Luminaire is suitable for illuminating VDU workstations.

The direct and indirect lighting contribute equally 50% and can be set synchronously via a rotary knob. The daylight sensor ensures a constant light intensity as set by the user. In the event of absence, the presence detector regulates the luminous flux down to 30% after ---- minutes and switches off after ----- minutes .

Material: aluminium white powder coated/microprism diffuser (downlight)/PMMA (up-light)

Dimensions (LxWxH): 610x280x1961 mm

Light distribution: 52% up; 48% down

Lightguide: prismatic (downlight); transparent (up-light)

Colour rendering index Ra: 80

Colour distance (MacAdam): 5 SDCM

Life time: 50.000 h (L80 B10)

LED driver integrated: dimmable via rotary switch

Material: Aluminium weiß-matt pulverbeschichtet/Microprismenscheibe (downlight)/PMMA (up-light)

Abmessungen (LxBxH): 610x280x1961 mm

Lichtverteilung 52% nach oben, 48% nach unten

Leuchtenlichtfläche: prismatisch (downlight); transparent (up-light)

Farbwiedergabeindex Ra 80

Farbabstand (MacAdam): 5 SDCM

Lebensdauer: 50.000 h (L80 B10)

Betriebsgerät integriert: dimmbar per Drehschalter

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Lichttechnische Daten (EULUMDAT)Lichttechnische Daten (EULUMDAT)

Technical Data

  • Protection specifications
    CE-Conformity yes
    RoHS yes
    EMC Standard EN 55015: 2013+A1:2015; EN 61547:2009; EN 61000-3-2:2014; EN 61000-3-3:2013
    LVD Standard EN 60598-1:2015+A1:2018; EN 60598-2-4:2018; EN 62471:2008; EN 62493:2015; EN 62031:2008+A1:2013+A2:2015
    Protection class I
    Degree of protection IP40
    Impact strength IK04
    Photobiological safety according to EN 62471 RG0
    Installation, electrical engineering expertise yes
    Only for indoor use yes
    Furniture installation, fire protection 'MM' no
  • Energy consumption labeling
    Energy efficiency class D
    Part number of the light source 1751326009
    EPREL-Registration number 968231
  • Temperature specifications
    Ambient temperature [Ta] [°C] 0 - 45
  • Product contents
    With light source yes
  • Technical lighting specifications
    Type of light source NDLS/MLS
    Non-directional [NDLS] or directional [DLS] NDLS
    Colour temperature [K] 4000
    Colour of light neutral white
    LED efficiency [system] [lm/W] 110
    Total luminous flux [lm] 8800
    Total luminous flux up [lm] 4600
    Total luminous flux down [lm] 4200
    Useful luminous flux [Φuse] [lm] 8800
    Useful luminous flux [Φuse] related to Sphere (360°)
    Beam angle down [°] 90
    Beam angle up [°] 110
    Colour consistency [MacAdam] [SDCM] 3
    Colour rendering index Ra 80
    Colour rendering index R9 14
    Chromaticity coordinates [x] 0,38
    Chromaticity coordinates [y] 0,38
    Unified Glare Rating [UGR] 17
    Anti-glare limiting [UGR] lengthwise 17
    Anti-glare limiting [UGR] crosswise 16,8
    Fit for monitor workplace acc. EN 12464-1 yes
    Luminance y ≥ 65° ≤3000 cd/m2
    Peak luminous intensity [cd] 1870
    Light distributor Diffuser
    L80B10 - life time at 25 °C [h] 50000
    L70B50 - life time at 25°C [h] 50000
    Lumen maintenance at median useful life of 50,000 hrs at 25 °C ambient (tq) [%] 80
    Failure rate at median useful life of 50,000 hrs at 25 °C ambient (tq) [%] 10
    Rated lifetime factor 0,9
    Lumen maintenance factor 0,96
    Flicker Metric [Pst LM] 0,019
    Stroboscopic effect metric [SVM] 0,003
    Lighting Technology used LED
    Anti-glare shield no
    Envelope no envelope
    Colour-tuneable light source no
    Total lumen setting adjustable no
    Colour temperature adjustable no
    Constant light output (CLO) no
    Light source replaceable no
    High luminance light source no
    Luminaire lighting surface microprismatic/transparent
    Light input Backlit
    Light sharing symmetric
    Light outlet direct/indirect
    Number of lighting heads 1
    Lightguide no
    Diffuser yes
    With reflector no
    With separate reading light no
    Lamp type SMD-LED
    Suitable for number of lamps 1
  • Electrical specifications
    Length of cable [cm] 200
    Mains light source [MLS] or non-mains light source [NMLS] MLS
    Energy consumption during operation [kWh/1000 h] 80
    Lamp power [W] 80
    Max. system power [W] 80
    Connected Light Source no
    Rated voltage of luminaire [DC] [V] 200 - 240
    Rated voltage of luminaire [AC] [V] 200 - 240
    Voltage type AC/DC
    Input frequency [Hz] 47 - 63
    Displacement Factor 0,95
    Power factor [at full load] 0,95
    twidth [at 50% Ipeak] [µs] 150
    Quantity on MCB B16 (max.) 26
    Quantity on MCB C16 (max.) 32
    Lamp holder without
    Wire cross section Cold device cable
    Cable conductor quantity primary 3
    Exchangeable LED driver no
    Dimmable yes
    Type of dimming Rotary switch
    Dimming range [%] 6 - 100
    Flicker free yes
    With dimmer yes
    With presence indicator yes
    With switch yes
    With movement sensor yes
    With socket outlet no
    Input power max. [LED driver] [W] 80
    Driver integrated yes
    LED driver LED operating device current-controlled
    Power factor (PF) 0,9
    Nominal voltage [V] 220 - 240
    Input voltage [AC] [V] 180 - 264
    Input voltage [DC] [V] 180 - 264
    Input current [cold start at 230V AC] [A] 30
    Input current [at 230V AC] [A] 0,37
    Efficiency/Power factor at full load [%] 90
    Luminaire heads flexible no
  • Dimensions and weight
    Length [mm] 610
    Width [mm] 280
    Height [mm] 1961
    Weight [g] 12500
    Light portal opening downlight (lenght) [mm] 600
    Light portal opening downlight (width) [mm] 90
    Light portal opening uplight (lenght) [mm] 500
    Light portal opening uplight (width) [mm] 90
  • Other specifications
    Operation by Bluetooth no
    Compatible with Casambi no
    Compatible with Apple HomeKit no
    Compatible with Google Assistant no
    Compatible with Amazon Alexa no
    IFTTT support available no
    Adjustable no
    Kind of disposal at the end of the life time specific collection points, please consider the local regulations
    Adjustable no
    With movement sensor no
  • Material and colour
    Material housing aluminium
    Colour housing matt white
    Surface of the housing powder coated
    Surface finish texture housing matt
    Material diffuser PMMA
    Surface texture of the diffuser micro prismatic
    Material of Lightguide Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)
    Surface finishing powder coated

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