Powerful, efficient and intelligent - automatic lighting control.

Sensors regulate the individual control of your lighting for you - independently and reliably.

Daylight sensor: a rotary potentiometer is used to adjust the desired brightness setpoint. The measured luminous intensity is converted into a resistance value which can be recognized by all 1-10V control gear.

The lighting is controlled by a photodiode depending on the ambient brightness. Depending on the incidence of daylight, the light dims according to the brightness setpoint.

Presence detector: thanks to an integrated daylight sensor, the brightness in rooms remains constant regardless of the incidence of daylight. Presence detectors have ultrasonic sensors that detect even the tiniest movements. Thanks to this technology, the detector can also be installed in the ceiling. The detection area is divided into even zones so that all changes can be registered.

When people are present in a room, the luminaire dims down to the adjusted brightness setpoint. The light switches off automatically when you are absent.

The detection range, the delay time, the brightness setpoint, the standby time and the standby dimming value can be set individually.

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Daylight sensor 1-10V dimmable max. 50mA

Efficient and intelligent - sensor for automatic light ...

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Presence detector with daylight sensor 1-10V

Efficient and intelligent - detector for automatic light ...

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Surface-mounted housing IP20 for presence detector

Accessories for presence protector

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Surface-mounted housing IP65 for presence detector

Accessories for presence protector

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